The Graphology Consultancy 
Providing expert handwriting analysis and advice for business and
How graphology can help your business

When recruiting we can get behind the interview 'persona' and help you avoid expensive and frustrating mistakes.  We focus on many characteristics not apparent from CVs or interviews.  Reports are tailored to specific job specifications and your company culture, to help you select the most suitable candidate.  Using graphology can help reduce staff turnover and create a genuinely effective workforce.


People Management 


  • Preliminary staff screening
  • Personnel reports
  • CV and character trait analysis
  • Candidate shortlisting
  • Team building
  • Evaluation for promotion
  • Management compatibility
  • Monitoring stress levels
  • Security screening
  • Advice on use of handwriting styles for    use in corporate & product     advertising
  • Symbolic significance of logo styles
How graphology can help you personally, your family and your relationships

We can provide advice on the following areas: 
       Personal character assessments
  • Career guidance
  • Self development and well-being advice
  • Partner compatibility
  • Family dynamics analysis
  • Child guidance for parents, teachers & therapists
  • Child support during relationship break-ups
  • Psychological profiling of home staff
  • Character insight of lost or deceased family                 members and geneaolgical research
  • Hate mail perpetrator identification