The Graphology Consultancy 
Providing expert handwriting analysis and advice for business and
  1. How Graphology helps
    The Graphology Consultancy has been providing handwriting analysis for psychological profiles and personality assessments since 1992, helping clients from the commercial, financial, legal and governmental sectors. We also provide reports and guidance for individuals, parents, teachers, counsellors, psychologists, researchers and investigators.
  2. For Business use
    Understand your colleagues better. Optimise your recruitment and team management, and promote the best people. We provide objective and perceptive profiles explaining the writer's strengths, limitations and areas of most potential. As experienced analysts, we can assess handwritten documents written in almost all foreign languages.
  3. For Personal use
    It's not what you write but how you write that reveals your true self. Understand your strengths and weaknesses, your real talents and needs. Learn what really motivates you to avoid wasting your potential. Understand your partner's compatibility, your family dynamics, help support your child's development and ensure that home staff are trustworthy.
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Knowing yourself, or knowing the people you are dealing with, will help create better choices, whether for professional legal or personal purposes